How I turned $3308 in PLR products into $216,492 of cold hard cash!
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Let me show you how to turn your digital trash into cash!
Make Sales | Build Your List | Automate
I taught everything I know about using PLR to succeed online FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER on a live call.

The call was scheduled to go for one hour. We ended up going 2 and 1/2 hours! It became a Master Class on profiting from PLR and those on the live call LOVED it.

I believe you will too!
Access the replay, transcript, audio and more instantly!
  • TEACHING: Exactly WHAT to do and HOW($197 Value)
  • TRANSCRIPTS: Use them as your personal notes. ($47 Value)
  •  AUDIO: Listen in your car, at the gym, anywhere. ($27 Value)
  •  SLIDE DECK: See the entire course in one PDF! ($47 Value)
  •  TEMPLATES: Email and website templates. ($497 Value)
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Succeed With PLR!
You Will Receive
  • NEW TEACHING NEVER SHARED BEFORE - Discover 26 30 proven ways you can succeed online with Private Label Rights products. Build your list and make sales the easy way with PLR! 
  •  WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS - Use them as your personal notes, print them out, and more! A valuable resource you can use for years to come.
  •  DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO - Listen for the first time or to refresh your memory. Learn at home, the office, the car, or even the gym!
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Charlie Page
Never again wonder what to do next to build your online business!
  • Works with ALL autoresponders
  • ​Works in ANY niche for ANY product.
  • ​No technical skills needed
  • ​Creates loyal and happy customers. 
  • ​Automation creates free time for you!
Hi, my name is Charlie Page. You may know me as the owner of the Directory of Ezines or as an Amazon best-selling author. Or you may own one of my over 40 digital products. 

But what you might not know is that I have had to rebuild my online business from darned near scratch THREE TIMES in my over 19 years.
  • TRAFFIC - When I need a boost in traffic I go to my autoresponder.
  • SALES - When I run sales I announce them using my autoresponder.
  • FREE TIME -  My AUTOMATED follow up systems do all the work.
For many years now I have consulted personally with over 3000 of our members. I've helped them ... and they have helped me!

The way they helped me was to understand what their challenges were. Where they were frustrated. Where they needed help. 

On almost all of those calls I asked two important questions. 
  • ONE - Do you have an autoresponder?
  • TWO - Are you making money from your autoresponder?
The answers were staggering. 

Almost 100% of the people I spoke with had at least one autoresponder account. (Some had three or more!)

Almost NONE of the people I spoke with could connect any sales to the use of their autoresponder!

It became obvious that people were BUYING autoresponder services but DID NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THEM TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

And that is how this Group Coaching was born. 

Watch the short video above or scan the page below. When you do, you will see exactly what I am offering you. 

In a nutshell, I am offering to help YOU turn your autoresponder into a profit center!

I want you to smile when you see your autoresponder bill, knowing that it's the best money you ever spent. 

Knowing that you are making sales, building an audience, and expanding your reach

My friend, these things are doable for you. If I can do them, you can do them. 

I will show you exactly how it's done and share my templates and resources with you as well.

Let me show you how and, working together, let's turn YOUR autoresponder into an automated cash-flow producing machine!

I hope to see you inside this powerful Group Coaching.
Charlie Page
What will you learn from this Group Coaching?
Having your own newsletter is a proven path to STEADY sales and profits. 

I have done this since 2001!

Best of all ... you don't need to write the content yourself!

Email marketing is powerful, often returning $40 for every ONE dollar invested. 

Let me show you the simple way to sell any product, service, or idea using a simple email follow up system. 

Learn to quickly and easily create your own mini-course from existing content!

Delivering a mini course using your autoresponder is cheap and VERY effective. Plus, it's completely automated!

Save $150 When You order today!
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